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Harvest Festival

Barn DancingHarvest was celebrated in our churches over the 28th-30th September weekend. Giving of gifts of food was directed towards the ECC and Mission to Seafarers  and we had a Harvest Appeal for the Diocese’s work through Christchurch, Aden and its medical clinic. Peter and Nancy Crook’s newsletter came in during the week with the good news of the continuing good work continuing at the clinic despite many of the challenges that Yemen faces. Peter is writing a book Heartbreak and Hopeand I used this title to explore the story of the Book of Ruth which begins with heartbreak with famine, forced migration and personal tragedy with the death of both Naomi’s husband and her two sons, but ends in hope.

We had a great Harvest Festival World Harvest Supper and Barn Dance which threw young and old together and Isabella Andrews had prepared a very imaginative and enjoyable London 2012 Olympic Quiz which involved  replays clips of James Bond, the Queen and Mr Bean as well as Olympic achievements.