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Bishop’s Council and Standing Committee Meeting

Bishop’s Council and Standing Committee On Sunday early morning Francis kindly took me to the airport to catch the 3.45am Emirates flight to Dubai and then on to Cyprus for Monday’s Bishop’s Council and Standing Committee meeting. Thankfully there was time to allow the body clock to catch up prior to Monday’s meeting. It is exciting to see some of the initiatives that were kick started at Synod beginning to take shape and you can now keep up with Diocesan news through the vastly improved website.

I could not get back before a late Tuesday evening flight (arriving in Bahrain at 2.45am), so Tuesday was spent reading by the pool, swimming, a walk along the beach and entering into (and winning!) an informal boules competition run by the hotel in the afternoon. Of course when they asked what I did, there were the usual jokes about divine help, but I suspect a few games with some locals on and off in the pouring rain in Fougeres in the summer, as well as occasional Monday evening games at the Golden Tulip Hotel here under its previous French General Manager.