Dean's Blog

Tuesday 28th July 2015

 3For our weekly activity this week nine of us met together in the Cathedral compound, walked up to Vrindavan for an excellent vegetarian meal for the princely sum of BD1-500 each and then 4returned to The Deanery for ice cream and chocolate sauce. Six of us stayed on for a game of Cluedo. It was especially nice to welcome Tim, Vickie and baby Patrick Hudson – Vicki is an expert in Russian politics and Tim is here to introduce the amazingly smart red buses, having worked with National Express in the UK. It would be wonderful if the buses really establish themselves here and encourage people out of their cars and to use public transport, but it will no doubt be an uphill struggle unless petrol prices are increased very considerably. But it is an encouraging development and I must try them out myself. For the record it was Colonel Mustard in the Lounge with the candlestick.