Dean's Blog

Monday 27th July 2015

I had my third bout at the dentist in the past week, having gone in for a check-up two weeks ago, the penalty for not going for several years… I had 1some infection under a large previous filling and had to have root canal treatment – three root canals I gather, but it was done without any pain (plenty of discomfort, mostly due to my mouth wedged open for an hour. But I was impressed by the thoroughness of the work at the American Mission Hospital and hope that it has addressed the problem.

2An hour after the treatment, I had a wedding of an Eritrean couple who’d known one another for ten years but had found it difficult to get married because they were living in different countries – here and Italy. I was glad to take their wedding service. In the next ten days there are several weddings lined up for Stephen to take. It has been good having time tospend with the couples individually.