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Return to Bahrain

IsabellaOur return to Bahrain was very much overshadowed by the news that Isabella Andrews had died of a brain aneurysm while on holiday with her family in the United States. Isabella was someone who lit up a room with her smile and her smile reflected her personality. Her Memorial Service – a Celebration of her Life – took place on the Sunday evening after our return and was attended by a variety of people from all walks of her and her family’s life. Particularly moving were the tributes from her students, who very much regarded her as a second mother. Isabella was prepared to stand up for them, particularly where she saw there was an issue of justice or of compassion and she was clearly admired by her colleagues as a model to follow. Our love and sympathy reach out to Andrew, Charles (who returned to Bristol that same night, and Alexi who courageously gave a vote of thanks to all who’d given tributes to her Mum and to all who’d attended the service.