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Jon Lavelle’s Ordination

OrdinationFollowing on a week later was the Ordination of Jon Lavelle as Deacon by Bishop Michael. Jon has now joined the staff as curate and it is a joy to have a new colleague. The St Christopher’s Cathedral community came up Ordinationtrumps, as they always do, in organizing a reception that fitted the significance of the occasion. Karen, Jon’s wife who is likely to have to complete her contract with Zayed University produced a youtube    which, if you want to get a feel for our new curate, is essential were delighted to welcome several overseas guests including the Rev’dDr Peter Sedgwick, Jon’s Principal at St Michael’s Theological College, Llandaff and Andrew Butteriss, the College Site Manager. Peter preached at both the Ordination Service and at Evensong the next day.

In addition to the Ordination two Diocesan meetings were arranged, as they are so often are in this to reduce the costs of Ordinationmeetings which always involve airfares. One was to reflect on Our Common Life to reflect on the distinctiveness of the Anglican Church in this part of the world and a brief financial plan for the Diocese flowing from decisions made at the Diocesan Synod; this was held in the Golden Tulip Hotel, where some of our guests were staying. The second was a Vocational Advisers training session in the Deanery on the Sunday morning.