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The Bahrain Quilt

Bahrain QuiltImmediately facing us on our return to Bahrain was a Living Room Dialogue, but it was a joy to welcome Jarna Jeet and Tosin Arowojulu who were the inspiration behind the Bahrain Quilt. It was perhaps appropriate that their visit was so close to February 14th, which is sadly remembered less in Bahrain as Valentine’s Day but more as the Anniversary of the 2011 uprising. This undoubtedly affected the numbers attending, as anniversaries here spark violence and protest, but those who did heard the inspiring story of how the vision of the quilt was turned into reality with so many different Bahraini and expatriate groups getting involved. It was good to hear that it will have a permanent home in the Isa Cultural Centre and that workshops providing continuing training for Bahraini women continue with spectacular results.