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The Bible

The BibleWe are grateful to Gordon and Maggie Abernethy for opening their home to a group following the Sunday evening service to see the first of five episodes from the New Testament of a new series on The Bible. Further episodes will follow on alternate Sundays (4th, 18th August and 1st, and 15th September). We enjoyed food first and then watched the film on the big screen. The scenery is stunning, the violence of the Roman occupying forces is powerfully portrayed and the stories selected portrayed mostly with faithfulness to biblical account. In a story one knows so well, I am sure that all of us might have criticisms too: I wondered why Jesus visit to the synagogue at Nazareth was not at the beginning of Jesus ministry; I felt the raising of Lazarus lost some of its dramatic impact – the anger and sorrow of Jesus was inadequately portayed; and the walking on water seemed to be included more for dramatic effects! But I’d encourage others to come and see and make your own judgements.