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Visitors to Bahrain

FriendsOne of the joys of living in Bahrain has been that family and friends  have come to visit and we have a lovely home in which to welcome them. When we lived in the Lake District – Bowness-on-Windermere – we experienced the same. Suburban Kent with a motorway running through the parish didn’t have quite the same attractions despite its accessibility! It is good to be able experience Bahrain or anywhere through a visitor’s eyes. We get dulled by the familiarity of a place.

Philippa & FriendsOur youngest daughter Philippa, with two university friends, Sarah and Emma joined us for a few days over Easter and we had a number of meals out; then a family from our previous parish came for a few days: Tracy’s brother works as an engineer for the Williams team and Julian races Caterhams, so I had managed to arrange a tour of the BIC and we even had a gentle drive around the track.

Nick and VivFinally we were delighted to welcome Nick and Viv, who look after the Katafiyio Diocesan Retreat Centre in Cyprus. They have been so gracious in their hospitality towards us, it was a joy to show them a little of Bahrain. I am looking forward to spending five days in Katafiyio at the end of this month, a wonderful place to pray, read, reflect and walk out into the hills. I was thinking that the hills and water of Galilee must have felt a little like that for the disciples following all that had happened in Jerusalem at Passover and the tensions of that city.