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Maundy Thursday

A couple of years ago I came across these instructions in preparing for the Maundy Thursday service.Foot Washing

Instruct them to come to the service with clean feet in clean footgear. When Jesus did the foot-washing, the disciples’ feet were already clean, because a servant would have washed them when they arrived. Therefore there was no soap and no scrubbing. If the climate is warm enough in your area that people might hit on the idea of wearing open sandals, you might want to discourage them from doing it. Although it is very biblical to wear open sandals, it isn’t very edifying for the person doing the foot-washing.

Amazing how whoever wrote this could have so missed the point! What a powerful image of Jesus service to the world is the washing of his disciples dusty feet and of our calling to serve one another, and allowing others to serve us. Actually most of us find it harder to receive such service than to give it, which is surely why Jesus said to Peter: Unless I wash you, you will have no part with me. (John 13:8)