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Foreign Affairs Select Committee

MapOn Wednesday evening I met with the delegation of British MP’s from the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Select Committee, who are currently visiting Bahrain and exploring Britain’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. They had had a long day and this was a meeting with representative British expats in Bahrain getting a feel for views ‘on the street’. In preparation I had spent some time reading transcripts of meetings with academics and former ambassadors in London and had some very helpful input from a few members of the congregation which I was able to feed into answers to some of their questions. Apparently at the age of 14 the gap between boys and girls in mathematics is wider than any country in the world here and generally boy’s education is very poor in many public schools. As much of the current violence involves disaffected youngsters –mostly boys- the issue of improving public education must surely be a priority for the Bahrain Government and for friendly countries seeking to help Bahrain.