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American Mission Hospital Prayers

AMH PrayersI led early morning prayers (7am) at the American Mission Hospital on Sunday. It is always invigorating to walk through the streets earlier than usual in a city: life is seen in a different perspective. And it’s a privilege to speak to so many staff at the start of their working day. I took the lectionary Old Testament reading as my springboard (Genesis 15): Abraham who has to hold onto the promise of God despite all indications to the contrary and over such a long period of time and through all sorts of setbacks. And that intriguing covenant ceremony when Abraham awakes to see the symbols of God’s presence and holiness going down the path between the animals cut in half – the promise depended on God alone, not on anything that Abraham or Sarah could do. It was good to have a cup of coffee with Chaplain Appu after the prayers and to hear his hopes for his fast approaching retirement.