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The ECC Dinner Dance

Steephen in Arab DressThe ECC (Ecumenical Conference of Charity) Dinner Dance, the major fund raiser for the Churches’ social outreach and welfare programme, was held at the Diplomat Hotel on Friday 5th October. It had an Arabian theme and we were encouraged to wear local dress. The Bahraini MC who did a fine job throughout the evening nicknamed Stephen, who is President of the ECC, Shaikh Tamil Nadu and he said I looked like a CIA agent that you might find mingling with the locals in Basra. Chris in local dressOne of the challenges for largely Christian audience was where to look and how loudly to applaud the belly dancer who was part of the entertainment. But all in all it was a very entertaining evening, the food was very good, and the ECC volunteers worked very hard to make guests feel welcome and keep  the evening flowing.