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There are always firsts in ministry

There are always firsts in ministry. On Monday morning a couple wanted to have a formal service for their engagement as he was heading off to Europe for work and she was having to stay behind in Bahrain. On these occasions I am grateful for the internet and I was able quickly to download, personalize and make a few small alterations to a Roman Catholic liturgy which was very appropriate. Then a Filipino family visiting from Saudi Arabia came to the door plastic bottle in hand and asking for holy water. My Protestant side wanted to send them up to Sacred Heart Church, but they clearly had their hands full with three children, one with special needs and Granny in tow, so I got some water said a prayer of blessing over it and prayed for God’s blessing for health and wholeness on them as a family and sent them happily on their way. I’m constantly reminded in this ministry that “the interruptions are the agenda”.