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Summer Weddings

I have appreciated the extra time to clear my desk. It is amazing in the “paper free” era that we are supposed to live, how much paper we still produce. Certainly the recycling bins have welcomed my contribution. I have enjoyed getting together with a few individuals for a meal in the evening, sometimes trying my hand in the kitchen, sometimes trying out one of the many restaurants that there are here. It has also been an opportunity to get ahead with some planning for the autumn. Once September is here there won’t be so much time for so much forethought.

During Ramadan, with different work schedules, a few people have made the effort to come to Morning Prayer regularly. It’s a joy to be able to share that disciplined time of prayer together.

Good Shepherd Church WeddingWeddings have continued through the summer months and I had the privilege of officiating at the marriage of a couple from the Good Shepherd Church, largely a Pakistani Christian community. For the first time the bride and chief bridesmaid was early, but had to wait in the car for the page boy and flower girls for a good half an hour. Their pastor preached and another pastor prayed for them. I was kindly invited to the reception and warned not to appear before 9.30pm, which enabled me to watch the Olympic 5000 metres. In the end most guests came much later than that and food did not appear till after 11.30pm, so there was no hurry.

Our Elegant VergerThe next wedding from the Good Shepherd Church will be of our elegant Verger, something for both church communities to look forward to.