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Multicultural Christianity in Bahrain

Chinese Christian GroupOne of the joys of being in Bahrain is the opportunity to do different things and this has week has reflected that. Last Friday I joined a group of Chinese- mostly but not entirely from China itself for a gathering. We sang both Chinese and some English worship songs and they have some beautiful voices among them and I was invited to speak very spontaneously. I reflected on the Day of Pentecost when people from all over the Mediterranean world, most of whom probably would have understood Greek, hearing the gospel in their own language.  God takes language and culture seriously and though the Incarnation took place in a particular culture and in a particular time of history, the good news that flows out of that Incarnation and all that Jesus did through his death and resurrection is proclaimed and received in a variety of languages and cultures. I spoke of my own life and faith journey, which included baptizing two Chinese when I was on an exchange with a parish in Parramatta, so it was a special delight to be with this group in Bahrain.