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Nephew’s Wedding: Easter Monday 28th March 2016

Nephew’s WeddingFlying through the night with a delay in Amsterdam for three hours we wondered Nephew’s Weddingwhether we’d make it to the wedding of my nephew Tom to Sophie, but in the end we were the first flight allowed into London City Airport and raced down to near Folkestonein a hire car, arriving ten minutes after the service had begun, in our travelling clothes, but despite some strange looks and the question “Are you here for the wedding?”, we reckoned better that than missing the service and arriving in our best clothes. It was an opportunity for all the cousins and their various ‘plus ones’ to be together for what was a very happy occasion.

Nephew’s WeddingWe stayed in the oldest house in Saltwood, Kent – a lovely beamed Elizabethan house – through airbnbfor three more days, which enabled us to have time with my sister and her husband, a walk along the beach followed by fish and chips, and a trip along the coast beyond Hastingson the following day to see my aunt and uncle. I also discovered that a church supplies place was just five miles away, so stocked up on wafers to take back to Bahrain.