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Wednesday Evenings through the Summer

HouseboatAs in previous years Wednesday evenings have given a variety of opportunities to come together over the summer months. It is not always easy to integrate into a church, if you are new to a community, but the smaller number of people attending services and the opportunity to go out on a Wednesday evening, enables that to happen.Logi's 30th We have enjoyed meals and last week we went to The Houseboat in Adliya and we were able to celebrate Logi’s 30th birthday – he and his wife Sisil and daughter Naomi have joined us from St Andrew’s Abu Dhabi. I hope that by the time the end of August comes, some of our newcomers will be asking those returning from summer leave: “are you new to the St Christopher’s?”

Yesterday we probably had the largest group yet, including two who because of their work in a hotel really struggle to get to a service at church. We went bowling at Funlandand I think some of the Kenyans among us got the best scores. It was great to have members of the Tamil community join us for this. Some of the younger ones, rather than bowling, went to the ice-skating rink in the same complex.