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Living Room Dialogue with Ebrahim Al Sinan

Ebrahim Al SinanEbrahim is a photographer with the Gulf Daily News who last year visited Syria twice with a couple of friends out of a sense of compassion for all those caught up in the never-ending civil war there. More often he is behind the camera taking pictures of our speakers, but this time he brought his photos of people whom he had met, especially children but also of elderly men and women who had lost all of their family members and women who had lost their husbands. The lack of men of working age was very apparent. Most families were living in plastic tents provided by aid agencies and overseas governments. The trips had clearly had a huge impact on him and he spoke of the hospitality of people who had so little but who were willing to give up a little bread to share or to offer their bed. What was sad to hear was that we were the only organization that had invited him to speak of his experiences.