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Good Friday

Upper RoomI have always struggled with Good Friday all-age services, but the one we used today really seemed to engage both adults and children. The service takes the shape of a journey with Jesus over the last 24 hours of his earthly life: beginning in the Upper Room (the Cathedral), moving to The Garden of Gethsemane (Deanery Garden), on to the Court of Judgement (Coffee Room) and back to the Cathedral – the place of execution. At each place there are introductory explanatory words, a Bible reading, an action involving the whole congregation and a hymn. The final action involved everyone writing their name on a heart-shaped post-it and pinning it to the cross. There was very positive feedback from both adults and children. It involved a lot of forethought and preparation, but was well worth the time invested and‎ provides very clear instructions for the service. I can certainly commend it as a pattern to be adapted for local circumstances.

CrossAt 12 noon we had a two hour service, each half hour on one of the last four Words from the Cross led by either our clergy or two Readers Tricia and Elizabeth – we had explored the first three of the Last Words last Good Friday. It was a more traditional Good Friday Service, and appreciated by those who came.