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Chaplain to US Marine Corps

Greg SchluterAt the morning service on Friday it was a pleasure to welcome Cdr Greg Schluter, the Chaplain to the US Marine Corps in Bahrain who is a regular member of our community when he is not on duty. As well as serving with the US Navy and Marine Corps as Chaplain, he has also been a parish priest and this showed in both the content and the manner of his delivery. He clearly felt at ease, spoke with a pastoral heart and he helpfully set the Transfiguration, the gospel reading from Matthew, in the context of the Church calendar and the themes of the different seasons.

The previous week John Bridges, the Royal Navy Chaplain, who will be leaving for the UK at the end of his brief tour, led reflections from his book The Blood of Innocents which reads between the lines and delves into the characters of the last three weeks of Jesus life. I shall look forward to getting to know the new RN Chaplain.