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The Baptism of Christ

BaptismSome of the more memorable events that have taken place at St Christopher’s have been adult baptisms and on Friday Luh from Indonesia was baptized on the day we celebrate the Baptism of Christ in our Lectionary, the Second Sunday of Epiphany. The Baptism of Jesus throws light on our own baptism and that in turn throws light on Jesus baptism. Luh, in her testimony, highlighted the importance of sharing in Christian worship when she attended worship in Bali with her adopted sister and in particular the reality of prayer. Homegroup LunchMembers of her Wednesday night homegroup, who have been exploring baptism in their weekly meetings through a course I wrote following our last adult baptism, stood with Luh as her sponsors, which was very special. It highlights the important sense of family that the church becomes in an expatriate community, a family that cosses all national divides. The homegroup then all went out to lunch to celebrate at what was a new place for us TakaTak.