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Mainly Uphill

Mainly UphillA book that I have been enjoying very much is the autobiographical journal Mainly Uphill by Bishop John Brown, Bishop of Cyprus and the Gulf (1986-95), which my predecessor Alan Hayday kindly sent to me via the Murrays, when they were in the UK over Christmas. It is very readable and he is very honest about his encounters with a variety of people. Many of the issues that he encounters in the Diocese are ones that continue to surface so it is helpful to have this historical perspective. One example of this are his reflections on the Chaplaincies and the Diocese after his first tour of the Gulf: “each parish must be self-supporting with regard to its clergy and buildings; now they must begin to go the extra mile, have some notion of the diocese as a real fellowship, and be mutually responsible and inter-dependent.” He also gives some fascinating insights into his role as a negotiator for the hostages in Lebanon: Terry Waite, Brian Keenan, John McCarthy and Jackie Mann and has many reflections that preoccupied the wider Anglican Communion.