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Tri- Diocesan Gathering – Kyrenia and Bella Paix

St AndrewsTuesday had a more relaxed feel to it with our trip in the coach over the border into Northern Cyprus. Our first stop was St Andrew’s, Kyrenia, where Bishop Michael welcomed all the members of the exchange and we were given a powerpoint projection of the life of St Andrew’s which was a little dated but gave a feel for the church’s life alongside another magnificent lunch when there was the opportunity to meet with parishioners. KyreniaThere was some unorganized time-out to explore the attractive port town. The last time that we had seen it was a stormy February with waves breaking over the harbour wall; it could not have been more serene in October sunshine.

Bella PaixWe travelled a short distance to Bella Paix which has a commanding position on the mountainside and whose Abbey and monastic buildings date from the 12th and 13th centuries. Again there was ample time to relax and continue to get to know our partners in the exchange and to enjoy their company, which continued in the Cypriot Mealevening with the Nicosia and Larnaca guests and hosts going out for a “typical Cypriot meal” – meze- in a restaurant in the evening in their respective towns. The Nicosia group certainly feasted and I gather the Larnaca group did too. There was a lot of talk about “the diets beginning next week”!