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Facing Cancer

TriciaIt’s good to have Tricia home following her operation to remove a malignant lump in her thyroid. The care at the American Mission Hospital has been excellent and we have been grateful to the team that have cared for her – for their thoroughness, professionalism and compassion.

It has not been an easy few weeks. She was determined to let people know as far as possible herself, rather than letting them hear it on the grapevine, but she has had to cope not only with her own feelings, but also with the emotions of others; and recognizing that others in the church family were going through much more major surgery with far less public attention. We are hugely grateful for the love and prayers of our family, church family and wider community here and worldwide. All the indications are that the operation has been successful and will not require further chemo/radiotherapy, but November will be a month to lie low and regain her strength.