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Cemetery Workparty

cemetryOur Cemetery Staff do a terrific job day in day out week after week to keep our cemeteries neat and tidy but it was a boost to them to have a volunteer workparty from the Royal Navy to give them support in tidying up the Old Christian Cemetery: pruning trees, cleaning memorial crosses and headstones, raking up leaves, painting benches, and laying down white stones on the marked graves, many of them the war graves of servicemen. work partyWe expected fifteen to join us, but twenty-six turned up and by 12.15pm had made a big impact on the cemetery. Having welcomed them when the team arrived at the cemetery I had to slip off to meet a couple hoping to get married in early 2014, but returned at 12.30pm just as they were leaving. As there were still a pile of stones on the pavement outside the gates, Kumar & KalamI helped Kumar and  Kalam to shift them to some more graves and either side of the War Memorial. I realize how much I miss physical work and the two hours doing that is very satisfying. After that I took K and K to lunch in a local Indian restaurant where I had a kingfish curry and they both had biryani.