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Summer Leave – Return to UK

PunaWe returned to the UK and balanced the rest of our time seeing our three girls, doing maintenance on our home, catching up with family and friends. As I said this morning in my first sermon back in Bahrain holidays make you realize how short our time is: on the last day I was painting on wood preservative on an area of decking and ten minutes before a taxi came to pick us up to get to the train and to the airport Tricia was ringing friends we had not managed to see. It makes one long for eternity. It was good to catch up with Puna, who will be starting at the University of Kent in CarolCanterbury this week, who joined our family for brunch in London and to go to Matilda and we joined Carol Byers for worship at her church in Kent and went out to lunch with her afterwards. Another special time was a Sunday lunch with singles from our last church, several whose spouses’ funerals I had taken.