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Scottish Triumph

Andy MurrayThe evening service meant that when a few of us returned to The Deanery to watch the end of the match, the image (to the right) was what we first saw when turning on the TV. So we missed the spine-chilling final game…but congratulations to Andy Murray!

It was interesting to meet Peter after the evening service. He is over here with the Ordnance Survey for a few days consultancy. Peter had been a student at All Nations Christian College, where Martin Goldsmith was a lecturer and where he had met his wife. In my sermon I’d mentioned a quotation from Martin Goldsmith’s book Who’d be a Missionary commenting on the weakness of the translation: Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers…(from our Gospel reading); and he writes that it should be a much stronger word – throw out or chuck out – expressing the urgency of the mission that we are all called to.