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Ramadan MoonI’m not surprised that the moon watchers looking for the crescent moon found it difficult to spot as it has been so dusty these last few days, but eventually the skies cleared and the crescent moon was apparent. The rhythm of life certainly slows during the day but it was encouraging to welcome those who were new to the Cathedral community both on Friday morning and Sunday evening. In fact Sunday evening was fuller than usual.

Satheesh PaulAfter the Evening service I said good bye to Satheesh Paul, off to be an artist in residence in Manchester. He has had exhibitions in both New York Greece and France, so this is an excellent opportunity for him to extend his experience and share his gifts with others. I was thankful that his application for a visa to visit Britain met no obstacles this time. When he returns after a month we will have to get him to reflect on his experience, perhaps in a Living Room Dialogue. Earlier this week he called round with a gift of a linocut entitled EternityEternity as an expression of thanks for a letter of support I had written for a UK visa. I was only too glad to write it. In recent weeks I have been aware of the struggles of many people and made this known to the Ambassador. The process, in being privatised, is very expensive and impersonal: not “fit for purpose” (in my opinion!).