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Cemeteries Visit

Old Cemetery 1One of the big challenges that the Christian community in Bahrain faces is the growing lack of space in our cemeteries. The Old Cemetery in Gudabaiyah has long been closed and the “new” cemetery in Salmabad is rapidly approaching full. The British Ambassador as Chairman of the Bahrain Christian Cemeteries Committee paid a visit with Russ Dixon, the Deputy Head of Mission and our Treasurer Nic Martin. He was impressed at with the quality of work done by our maintenance team Kumar and Kalam, but above all was able to see at first hand the pressure on space that there is.Christian Cemeteries Committee I sent these photos in to the Editor of the GDN with a brief comment on the urgent requirement for new space in the caption and as news editors do felt he smelt a news story in this! If it helps to flag up the urgency of the need of land for a new cemetery in the minds of the authorities this will be a good thing.