Facing Cancer and Facing the Marathon des Sables

Kenny DalglishSunday 12th May, 7:30pm – Kenny Dalglish who has just completed the 150 mile Marathon des Sables the toughest footrace on earth. We are delighted that Laura, Kenny’s wife, will also be with us as this was something they had to face together.

In March 2011 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  Luckily for me, I caught it very early, was operated on within a few days, had some chemotherapy and made a full recovery before returning to work 10 weeks later.  Although I’m technically in remission, the chances are good that I won’t have any kind of recurrence and will be able to get on with my career and life as if nothing had happened.  As you can imagine, I feel pretty passionately about spreading the message and indeed looking after those affected; it was a pretty scary time for me and my pregnant wife.  The day I went back to work I signed up to do the Marathon des Sables in Morocco in April this year, as a target for getting back to fitness.  It’s a multi-day, 150 mile run in the desert, made famous by the likes of James Cracknell and Ben Fogel. It’s a pretty epic challenge.Sultan Marathon

Kenny raised an astonishing £12, 500 for orchid