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An Evening with John Timoney

John TimoneyGetting back from Synod in the early hours of Saturday morning we were plunged into a busy weekend beginning with the service at Awali that morning. It has been encouraging to see the congregation at Awali grow since the summer. On the Sunday evening the Living Room Dialogue hosted John Timoney, Adviser to the Police here in Bahrain after a career in the New York Police Department, where he rapidly rose through the ranks  before moving on to become Chief of Police in Philadelphia and then  Miami. I had asked him to speak on his policing in these three cities and on his experience in Bahrain. Top CopOne point struck me particularly was the challenge of changing the representation of a police force, when it is viewed with deep suspicion by those groups not represented fully in its make-up. Those who join it are often seen as traitors to their own communities so that it becomes a huge challenge to change the culture of policing.