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Topsy Turvy Christmas

Topsy Turvy Christmas 1The Nativity Play Topsy Turvy Christmas was presented on two occasions this week: on Sunday 9th December evening and followed on Friday 14th December. It tells the story of the Nativity through the eyes of two angels- Arial and Oriel- who have escaped heavenly band practice to watch a little terrestrial TV and to their horror discover that Gabriel is down on earth and bringing messages to some very ordinary people.Topsy Turvy Christmas 2The message is that in a topsy turvy way a topsy turvy God has entered into a topsy turvy world in order to make things right again.

Well done to all the children involved, to all the leaders of Friday Club who have given so much time over these past weeks,  Natasha, who made some very intricate props, to Francis who coordinated the music and sound, and Tricia who pulls it all together.