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International Flavour

Meal with KenyansOne of the distinctive aspects of the life of our Cathedral, which is true of many Chaplaincies overseas is the international nature of our community and I rejoice in the richness of our diversity. There is something very special about being part of an international Christian family. But perhaps this year I have become increasingly aware of the different cultures and language groups that make up this diverse family. In the summer I met with a Chinese Mandarin speaking Bible study group meeting on a Friday afternoon. And this last Friday Tricia and I went out for a meal at the Hong Kong Restaurant (!) with a group of Kenyans working here in Bahrain as teachers, in retail and sales and as housemaids. Most were Kikuyu, from  the area I worked as a volunteer teacher in the mid-70’s, so my few words of Kikuyu certainly has helped to cement relationships. One of the questions I put to them was how can we as a Church community support, encourage and help them spiritually in their time in Bahrain? The Diocese has a link with the Diocese of Thika, so may be there ways that this group can connect us with Kenya in the future.