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The Communion of Saints

Shirley and Marie ClaireI have been reminded this past week of the connectedness of the Cathedral family – the communion of saints might be another, more theological way of way to put it. It was a joy to receive photos from Shirley following her wedding on what was clearly a gloriously blue-sky day in France and I was delighted that Marie-Claire was able to be there for her daughter’s marriage last Saturday.


Chris Blowing out his Candles

Relaxing by the PoolOn Saturday was my 60th birthday bash combined with a welcome welcome back party at Hamala Beach Resort and it was a joy to see so many from our various congregations coming together- we were more than 110 – and a wonderful mix of nationalities and ages sharing a family meal together following games in the swimming pool. I was really delighted too that our caretaking and cemetery staff – Francis and Nazir , Kumar and Kalam – were able to come and relax and enjoy the party too. One of the waitresses serving us was a Kenyan and I greeted her in her tribal language (Kikuyu) and yesterday received  this e-mail:


When you said those words “wimwega” i felt like i had found an oasis in the desert Rev. and i feel like God is opening for me another door that i didn’t know i feel like am soooo blessed and another live is waiting for me to just go in through that open door.

Birthday BuffetIt makes you realize how important the smallest of response can be to bring light and life to someone’s life. There were two other Kikuyu guests – English teachers – present, whom she had not met in Bahrain, which made it all the more special for her.

Greetings came from former Cathedral members from the UK (Clare and Oliver Ramsden, Sylvia and Peter Bolton, Angela and Grant Murray {on leave}), South Africa (Margaret and Philip Chilton-Jones), and Ireland (Vera Wennekers from NZ)…. what a privilege to belong to such a diverse international family.