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Olympic TorchWe got a taste of the Olympics with the torch passing through Rochester early one morning on its tour round the UK; there was a lovely family celebratory atmosphere which has clearly moved into the games themselves. It was lovely to catch the enthusiasm and excitement to share in a small part of the build-up and as a family we went to Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium to watch a couple of the football matches: team GB against Uruguay and Mexico against Switzerland.The OvalContinuing on the sporting front, for an early birthday present our girls got us all tickets to the final day of the Oval Cricket test match, which South Africa comprehensively won. For Tricia, Hannah and Philippa, it was the first experience of international cricket.WarhorseThey also bought us tickets for the play War Horse which is a magnificent production. We’d seen the film here, but the stage production is a very powerful piece of theatre and the horse puppets are remarkably lifelike. Though you know that they are puppets, their movements are very realistic.There were opportunities to spend time with my mother who is in residential care and we are grateful for the security and care that the staff give, many of them Filipinos, who are themselves away from home. They have a genuine interest in those entrusted to their care. We were able on one occasion- there wasn’t so much sun in the UK this summer- to have a picnic in the garden of the home.