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Pray for Bahrain

Pray for BahrainYesterday a small group from the Cathedral went to the NEC to share in an ecumenical Pray for Bahrainprayer group, which meets monthly and which I had been invited to lead. Because a Memorial Service for Pastor Jessie Cordoba’s son was taking place in an adjacent room there were rather fewer than usual, but it was good to share common concerns in intercessory prayer with others from other church communities.In the last couple of weeks we have heard three of our Readers-in-training – Simon Phillips, Viv Buckle and Elizabeth George preach either at Friday morning or the Sunday evening service. It is so encouraging to see them, all with very different styles, have the confidence to speak (Simon and Elizabeth for the first time) and to see them affirmed by the congregations who heard them.

This week has largely been spent preparing so that we hit the ground running this weekend: tying up the details for the next quarter’s Living Room Dialogues, writing up the Harvest News to be ready for this weekend and finalizing details of the Welcome /Welcome Back event. Tonight a small group is meeting in The Deanery to begin to make plans for the Cathedral’s Diamond Jubilee in March next year.