British Embassy Requirements


The British Embassy has issued the following requirements for marriage in Bahrain

A British citizen wishing to give Notice of Marriage must meet the following requirements:
  • One party has to be a British citizen
  • Resident in Bahrain
  • Produce the following:
    • British birth certificate
    • British passport
    • Original Divorce papers (if applicable)
NOTE: Anyone arriving from out of Bahrain will have to establish residency for 21 days
in Bahrain and then post the banns for a further 21 days.
Anybody who has obtained the banns from the UK can be issued the Letter of No Objection straightaway.
A statutory declaration will be signed in front of the Vice Consul.
The Notice of Marriage will be displayed on the Consular notice board for 21 days after which they will be stamped “No impediment shown” and a Letter of No objection will be issued.
Fees for this service are:
Posting Marriage Banns BD.20 (fee 24)
Certificate of no impediment BD.20 (fee 26)
Swearing an Oath (Statutory Declaration) BD.18 (fee 3(2))


Non-Muslims: Contact the Ministry of Justice (Tel: Abdullah Al Tamimi, +973 17522359) who require this Letter of No Objection and a letter from their employers stating no objection. For people resident in Saudi Arabia they also
request a letter of no objection from their sponsors.
Please Note:
Australian, New Zealand and Canadian citizens require a certificate from their Embassies in Riyadh:
Australian Embassy Tel: 00 966 1 4887788
New Zealand Embassy Tel: 00 966 1 4887988
Canadian Embassy Tel: 00 1 966 4882288
Muslims – can marry in the House of Judgement, arranged by Mr. Al Tamimi, and a copy of their CPR and a letter from the father of the female is required. British Citizens are required to present Banns from the British Embassy stating no impediment shown.
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