Friday Club

friday club

Mission Statement

We meet on Friday morning, during the 10:00 am services and we aim to:

  • Make sure the children in our care are safe and have fun learning about God
  • Encourage them to grow in their relationship with God, their relationships in the church family and with others they meet
  • Grow in our own faith as a team of leaders and helpers open to the leading of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

There are three groups:

Sproutlings ages 3 – 7 years old (3 year old must be accompanied by a parent;

Circle of Life ages 7 – 11 years old; and

Samaritans ages 11+ years old.

During Friday morning services a crèche is provided for parents and infants in the cathedral office from where the service can be heard.

We begin together with our families in the Cathedral at the start of the service and usually leave for our three groups at the end of the first hymn. We return before the Communion.

We aim to provide worship, teaching and activities which are appropriate to the ages of the children in each group, but following the same theme through the month. This theme will flow into the family service following so that children can contribute in some way to that service whether in song, prayers mime or drama.

In recent years the children of Friday Club have been involved in an ambitious play both before Christmas and on Palm Friday, ten days before Easter.

For more information, ring Natasha Prince Tel: 66330106/Sara Axtell 39449017