Required Documentation

Before a burial can take place at the Christian Cemetery, the following documentation is required by the Cathedral Administrator.

In the case of premature and stillbirth

A letter from the hospital reporting it. This is the only documentation required if the birth has not been registered officially. The Fee for burial is BD 55.

In all other cases

  • A Death Certificate
  • An original CPR
  • An original passport
  • Registration of death with Bahrain ministry
  • A CID Certificate – if the death is not accompanied by official hospital documentation ie the deceased has not died in the hospital.
  • A letter from the appropriate Embassy, giving permission for a burial in Bahrain
  • A letter from the Next of Kin agreeing to the burial taking place in Bahrain
  • The appropriate fee: BD 250 (adult).  A further BD 15 for a simple wooded cross and name plate.

The burial cannot take place until all this documentation is provided to the Cathedral Administrator, who can then authorize the burial to proceed.


The Bahrain Government’s requirements

For a Notification of Death Certificate to be issued from a Government Health clinic, you need to produce

  •  Cause of Death Certificate from the hospital or local doctor
  • To Register the death take the Cause of Death Certificate to the Ministry of Health
  • And then to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Take the above with the passport, CPR and, if appropriate, CID report to the deceased’s embassy who will cancel the passport and witness the Ministry of Foreign Affairs signature.