Dolls – hand–made by female victims of trafficking in Cyprus –  are without doubt unique gifts or keepsakes. Essentially, the proceeds from sales help the women to pay rent and buy necessities while waiting for their cases to be resolved.

Freedom Dolls Initiative (FDI) is the inspiration and driving force behind this emerging community outreach, a not-for-profit organisation registered in Cyprus. Less than two years ago, the project caught the attention and support of St Paul’s Cathedral in Nicosia, also twinned with St Christopher’s Cathedral in Bahrain. Since early 2013 this link has been enhanced through mutual support of FDI.

Eagerness in Bahrain to help the cause is growing. Now in mid-2014, more than 160 dolls have been sold through St Christopher’s Cathedral, each having touched the hearts and minds of so many people: parishioners, members of the wider community and visitors from abroad.

If you would like to buy a doll, contact St Christopher’s Cathedral Office:

To learn more about FDI, visit: