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Teen’s Baptism

Teen’s BaptismThere’s not much doubt that Sunday evening was a big highlight in the life of the cathedral. Teen has been part of the worshipping community for more than a year, since her marriage to Peter. She attended the Christian Foundations Course last year and been a part of the Women’s Homegroup on a Monday morning. She was a real child of the Cultural Revolution growing up in a political/social context in which all religions were regarded as mere superstition and in which science, the vehicle of economic transformation, was regarded as the god. But as Teen said: lots of people feel something is missing in their spiritual life. What has characterized Teen has been her willingness to ask questions and not be satisfied with answers if she disagreed.  She spoke especially warmly of the Women’s homegroup:

Teen HomegroupAfter more than six months of our ladies Bible study, I want to say I now believe and for me all the members of this group are great evidence of God’s work. As God’s servants we listen to each other, encourage each other, help and support each other, and love each other through our day to day lives.

Her baptism, with several of her compatriots present, marked a total change of world view which is one way to understand repentance and a wonderful sense of homecoming.