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Hospital Chaplaincy

Hospital ChaplaincyI had a very interesting conversation with a young Bahraini doctor last week. She was attending the wedding of a colleague’s marriage in the Cathedral. She told me that she was working as a specialist in geriatric care and had done at least part of her training in the States. She spoke with great appreciation of the ministry of hospital chaplains and how important it was to have chaplains as part of a team especially working with older people and in her experience it didn’t matter what faith tradition the chaplain came from (though preferably the same as the patient) but the pointing of people to God was what was really important. I said that I’d be glad to give support as chaplain if required. On Sunday morning I led prayers at 7am at the American Mission Hospital, always a rewarding experience. As I was clearing up afterwards a lady came into the chapel. I asked her if she needed anything and she told me that she was beginning work in the hospital as a staff nurse that day and so I was able to pray for her. I suspect that that availability was as important as leading the prayers before.