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Facing Cancer and the Marathon de Sables

Kenny DalglishOne of the fullest Living Room Dialogues took place on Sunday evening with forty people coming together to hear Kenny Dalglish’s talk about his own experience of facing testicular cancer and then the challenge of running/walking the Marathon des Sables, a 150 mile race across the Moroccan Sahara. Kenny is serving with the British Royal Navy in Bahrain, and immediately linked up with St Christopher’s on arrival, and he spoke very personally of his experiences and of the impact on his family, particularly as the diagnosis came within days of knowing that he and Laura were expectant parents. AudienceLaura arrived in Bahrain just ten days ago with their daughter Jemima and she and Kenny’s sister Rachel were both with us and it was clearly an emotional experience for them reliving this story. Thankfully the cancer has been treated effectively, though not without some incompetency in hospital administration, and Kenny determined to run the Marathon des Sables, one of the toughest races in the world, facing rugged and challenging country and searing temperatures. As a result of his run he raised GBP13,000 for Orchid the Cancer Charity. For more details of this epic journey: