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Concert at La Fontaine

Dana GillespieIn the evening we went to La Fontaine for a concert by the British Blues singer, Dana Gillespie, accompanied on the piano by Joachim Palden from Vienna. They are a remarkable duo:  Dana was telling me that she played Mary Magdalene in the original 1970’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar and she retains a remarkable voice. He is a virtuoso pianist and though we were sitting at the back of a long cloister- like room and could not see his hands, they must have been flying over the keys. The concert was also the launch of an exhibition of contemporary art by the Swedish born artist Sigrid Gloerfelt entitled Impermanence. I met her a few weeks ago and she said that she tended to spend a few years in one place- currently Beirut- before moving on to another city. Her exhibition is here for one month.